4 Healthy Snacks Options To Pair With Your Evening Tea


Many of us think healthy food is boring and tasteless. Don’t we? it contains everything that they never enjoyed eating in the first place. If you are one among them, we are here to break this myth. Here we bring you a list of 4 healthy snacks that you can munch away without worrying about the calories. And the best part is all these snacks require no cooking. Yes, you heard us! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the list.

Here’s A List Of 4 Healthy Snacks You Can Enjoy With Your Evening Cuppa:

1. BRB Popped Potato Chips

Let’s hit the list with this one. This combo set comes with 12 packs of different flavoured chips- bhel flavour, sweet chipotle flavour, pasta cheese flavour and salt and pepper flavour. Besides, these packs of chips are neither fried nor baked, instead they are popped, making them healthy, light and a super crunchy option.

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2. ORION O’Rice Cracker – Premium Baked Snack

Made with premium quality ingredients, this combo set of 3 chips is a combination of both health and taste. Besides, each pack contains 14 individually wrapped pouches of rice crackers.

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3. The Healthy Binge | Baked snacks

Another 100% baked snacks option for you. This combo set contains 6 packs of different flavoured snacks which are made up of ingredients like ragi, jowar and moringa. Besides, these packs are 100% natural, making them an ideal snack for guilt free snacking.

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4. Graminway – From The Roots Healthy Ragi Diet Chips

Graminway healthy ragi chips is a nutritious snacking option to satisfy all your cravings. It is not only a healthy option but also a very delicious option as these chips is made by using a pool of delectable spices.