4 Serving Spoon Sets That Will Meet Your Kitchen Needs


Serving spoons are an underrated utensil in the kitchen. Without these handy spoons, it is very difficult to serve food on a daily basis. That’s not all. Cutleries like spatula, jharra, rice spoons, and ladle is used for cooking our staple dal, roti, sabzi and rice. It is extremely handy to have a set of serving spoons that consist of all these versatile utensils. So, if you are looking for a useful set of serving spoons that can meet all the kitchen needs then we got some amazing options for you.

Here Are 4 Serving Spoon Sets To Choose From:

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Nylon Kitchen Tool Set

Amazon Brand – Solimo’s kitchen set consists of four versatile utensils. Made with nylon, the utensil set comes with stainless steel handles. It comes with a serving spoon, a ladle, a slotted turner and a spaghetti server.

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2. Petals Stainless Steel Cooking and Serving Spoon Spatula

Petals culinary set consist of 10 spoons and spatulas, each specific to your kitchen needs. This stainless set consists of 2 ladles, a turner, 2 jharras, a rice spoon, a spatula and much more.

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3. ESTOILE Designer Serving Set

Estoile’s serving set has a unique and elegant design that makes it a beautiful addition to the kitchen. The thick metal spoons are made of sturdy, durable and food-grade stainless steel. This is a set of 4 serving spoons.

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4. Parage Stainless Steel Cooking and Serving Spoon Set for Kitchen

Parage’s cooking and the serving set is made from food-grade stainless steel that prevents rusting. This set of 10 utensils comes with ladles, jharas, spoons and much more. The smooth edges are designed for safety.

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