5 Wet Grinders That Will Make Your Daily Cooking Easy


Indian food tastes much better with freshly prepared ingredients over store-bought ones. Store-bought pastes are full of added preservatives making them unhealthy while giving distinct taste to the food. A wet grinder is an ideal kitchen appliance for people who like eating fresh food. The wet grinder uses the traditional stone grinding technology to help you make all kinds of ingredients. From making dosa batter to grinding haldi, garam masala and much more – you can do it all with a wet grinder. We have a list of wet grinders that would make an excellent addition to the kitchen.

Here Are 5 Wet Grinder Options To Choose From:

1. Sowrna Lakshmi Wet Grinders

This wet grinder has cylindrical granite stones that is rolled against another. The stone grinder generates less heat than a mixer. It comes with an unbreakable transparent lid and it is rust-resistant.

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2. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder

This grinder comes with a coconut scraper along with the dough kneader, that lets you scrap the complete shell within a short duration. It also comes with a pack of 3 jars – big jar, mixer mate jar and medium jar.

3. Smart Fingers Wet Grinder

Smart Finger’s grinder has strong granite stone plates that roll against each other so that the grains can be powdered finely. It can be used to pastes out anything from grains to lentils to more.

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4. Elgi Ultra Grind

Eligi’s ultra-grinder is equipped with ASI stainless steel drums. The steel drums are rust-resistant and are suitable for storing batter. It is a good choice for making masala pastes.

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5. Prestige Wet Grinder

Prestige’s wet grinder is powered by 200-watt motor for smooth grinding. It comes with high quality grinding stones that easily makes dosa paste, garam masala and more. It is compact and can be placed on the kitchen counter.

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