7 Easy One-Pot Rice Recipes That You Can Rustle Up On A Weekday


Rice is an important staple in most Indian households. And there is a very good reason that in many homes rice and vegetables or meat are cooked in the same pot. The one-pot wonders are easy, comforting, filling and mouth-watering. The cooking process involved in a one-pot dish allows for that extra exchange of flavours where all the ingredients absorb the aromatic liquids and juices in which they are cooked. One-pot meals are also an efficient way of cooking — they save time, and by cooking everything in a single pot, very little goes to waste. Also, after eating, you won’t have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Here, we have curated a list of 7 one-pot rice recipes that can fill a large family of hungry mouths on a busy weekday. The smell and aroma of various ingredients cooking together are so sprightly that they uplift and soothe as well.

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1) Tomato Rice

This is an easy recipe that carries the flavour of fresh tomatoes and a host of spices. You can make this in 30 minutes and serve a wholesome meal to your family. It gives a makeover to the plain white rice you eat on a daily basis.


Tomato rice

2) Mexican Rice

You really don’t need to restrict your cooking to traditional rice dishes. You can give it a tasty twist with this Mexican delight. Here, the rice is cooked with a number of spices. Try this out and you’ll be amazed at the way it will win the hearts of people on your dining table.

3) Allahabad Ki Tehri Vegetable Pulao

As the name suggests, this one-pot delicious meal originated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. You can use vegetables like potatoes, carrots and green beans among others to prepare this dish. Top it with some ghee and serve. You’ll be left wanting for more.

4) Gajar Matar Pulao

Winter is here, and thanks to the nip in the air, this rice dish tastes heavenly. You can cook this with spices easily available at home. It not only tastes delicious but looks colourful too. Win-win.


Gajar Matar Pulao

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5) Fish Pulao

If you are a fish lover, you should not miss out on this dish. And who says a non-vegetarian pulao should be made only with meat? Add fish to rice and enjoy the unique taste of this pulao.

6) Brown Basmati Rice Pilaf

If you don’t eat white rice and prefer the brown variety, we have a recipe for you. You can make this dish with brown basmati rice and vegetables. Here, the vegetables and rice are cooked with an array of spices. As the broth thickens, the flavours intensify.

7) Moong Dal Ki Khichdi

Last but not the least, we have the humble khichdi. If you are looking at comfort from a hearty meal that can go straight from the pan or cooker to the table, khichdi always comes up trumps. And it’s healthy and nutritious as well.


Moong dal khichdi

When it comes to one-pot rice, it’s always a pleasure to look at a simmering and bubbling dish. So, the next time, you are looking at some easy cooking and even easier washing up, look up these one-pot treats. Just throw everything in the pan and let them cook away merrily.