Amateur Chef Recreates Salt Bae’s Gold Steak On A Budget; See Pics


Nusret Gokce, a Turkish chef, became famous overnight after a meme depicting him putting salt on meat went viral. Since then, the chef has made a name for himself by opening a chain of eateries called ‘Nusr-Et’ in luxurious locations worldwide. However, as Nusret opens new restaurants at various places, the food prices have left people in shock. With just the steak costing around 650 pounds, the restaurant has faced backlash several times. So, when an amateur chef by the name of George Runham saw the high cost of the steak, he decided to try out the taste by recreating his own version of Salt Bae’s popular gold stake. Since Geroge Runham made this gold steak at home, it costed him a total of 18 pounds.

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Sharing the photos of the post on Instagram, he wrote, “We’ve all seen the kind of bills that are coming out of “Salt Bae’s” new restaurant in London. I don’t mind paying good money for good food – but £650 for a Tomahawk covered in gold leaf? Leave it out. I paid £10 for this piece of thick-cut sirloin from M&S, and the gold leaf is £6.99 on Amazon if that’s your jam.” He further added, “My guide to steak was one of my very first posts – just follow that exact process and then put some gold on it – which adds absolutely nothing in terms of flavour or texture.”

In the end, George also said, “This restaurant isn’t charging £650 because it’s worth it, they are charging £650 because they can. The same reason why you pay £9 for a glass of coke in there. It’s social media-driven – you have to ask yourself if Instagram or smartphones didn’t exist, how many people would actually go and eat here? My guess would be very few.”

Take a look at his post:

Ever since he posted about his re-creation, many people have applauded him for his work.

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