Andhra-Style Bhindi: This Crispy Bhindi From Andhra Is The Ultimate Recipe You Need To Try


Andhra Pradesh is well-known for its spicy regional cuisines. The handcrafted spice combination is what make the dishes from Andhra one of a kind. Usually known for its hearty curries, salads, and biryani, did you know that this region is famous for its bhindi too?Yes, you read that right! Bhindi, also known as okra (or ladyfinger), is the most common ingredient that we can find anywhere in the country. However, depending on the region, it may vary in taste. So, if you also want to indulge in a new flavour of bhindi, then here we bring you the recipe of Andhra-style crispy bhindi!

This crunchy and deep-fried bhindi sprinkled with tangy roasted masala is perfect for cooking for any meal. The taste of this dish is such that people of all ages will love it. So, next time you have a gathering at home or when unexpected guests arrive, make Andhra style crispy bhindi and impress everyone.


How To Make Andhra-Style Crispy Bhindi | Andhra-Style Crispy Bhindi Recipe:

To make this dish, first dry roast cumin seeds, coriander seeds, peanuts, chana dal and red chillies together in a pan. Make sure not to burn them. Keep aside to cool and then grind them together. Mix in the salt, coconut and crushed garlic to the ground mixture. Heat oil and deep fry the bhindi. Remove the bhindi from oil, put in a bowl and toss it in the prepared masala. Serve hot and enjoy!

For the full recipe of Andhra Style Bhindi, click here.

Make this dish and let us know how you liked the taste of it!