Bhagyashree’s Friday Feast Is Too Indulgent To Miss


When foodies come together for the weekend, a delicious table spread is a must-have. And this rule stands true for Bollywood weekend get-togethers too. This Friday, Bhagyashree teamed up with her girl gang and relished a scrumptious meal at her friend Minakshi Chaudhri’s restaurant. What we saw on the table made us drool. From cherry tomato salads served in Martini glasses to plates of crispy grilled snacks served with drool-worthy dips, the food party had it all. We saw different types of salads drizzled with cheese, snack balls coated with molten cheese or cream, and tempura rolls on the table.

Bhagyashree wrote, “You outdid yourself, Minakshi Chaudhri.” Take a look at the pictures:


Salad Martini glasses


Tempura rolls


Tempura rolls


Pita bread and different dips


Range of delicious fruits and vegetables


Mini tarts

On some weekends Bhgyashree indulges, on the others, she gives us clean eating goals! The actress inspired us to stick to healthy food when she posted another one of her weekend meals, a photo of her dinner salad recently. We could see a plate of fresh green vegetables, dotted with button mushrooms and tomato slices. We could also see slices of grilled sausage and sprouts in the salad.

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Bhagyashree has maintained her fitness over the years and leafy greens are surely a part of her beauty secret. The actress’ Dubai food diaries also showed us some healthy greens on her table. Giving us major health goals, Bhagyashree showed us a plate of salad alongside a tall mug of coffee. The salad contained her share of greens, cucumber slices, roasted tomatoes, hummus and two croissants. Her “Coffee time” was not just yummy but also healthy.

Although Bhagyashree lover her greens and healthy platters, she doesn’t shy away from diving into sweet pleasures from time to time. Bhagyashree allows herself the freedom to indulge in delicious choco lava cakes on cheat days. When her sweet tooth got tickled, she relished a choco lava cake along with vanilla ice cream and sent us into a tizzy.