‘Can I Get Pickle Too’: Sonu Sood’s Witty Reaction To Fan’s Invitation For A Meal


Actor Sonu Sood emerged as a messiah for many people struggling in a time of crisis, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. Besides, his benevolent deeds, Sonu has a humble persona and likes to interact with his fans through various social media sites. He is a foodie at heart and his fans often like to connect with him to know more about his culinary adventures. Recently, a user shared a picture of “Chulhe ki roti” on Twitter and tagged the actor, inviting him for a meal. Sonu’s sweet reply to this invitation has gone viral and for good reasons.

Sonu Sood replied the fan by saying, “Bhai, aachar aur dal bhi saath me milegi? (Brother, will I also get some dal and pickle along with the chapatis?)”

Though the author had deleted the tweet where he invited Sonu for a meal, the actor’s reply is still there on Twitter.

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Sonu Sood also likes to cook. In the past, we have seen him invite fans to ‘Sonu da dhaba’ to relish some mouth-watering dishes. A few days agao, he posted a video showing the process of making naan. Sonu first takes us through the range of breads they have, such as lachha paratha, butter naan, missi roti, cheese lachha paratha, plain naan, and plain roti. Then we hear him saying, “Last time jab aap aaye the uss samay variety hamare paas bahut kam thi, iss baar variety bahut zyaada hai (last time, we had limited variety of rotis and naan, but this time, we have a lot more on offer).”

Sonu Sood then goes on to make naan using gaddi – a cloth pad used to put bread into the tandoor. Using skewers, also known as sariya in Punjab, Sonu takes the cooked naan out of the tandoor. He goes on to add that the food at ‘Sonu da dhaba’ is free for the common man, while the rich have to shell out double the amount because that’s how food can be provided to the poor. Read more about it here.

Earlier this year, Sonu Sood tried his hands at making tandoori roti at Sonu da dhaba. In a video, we could see Sonu making perfectly round rotis and placing them in a tandoor. We can also hear him say, “Mere se badhiya koi roti nai bana sakta tandoori (No one can make better tandoori rotis than me).” After making a perfect tandoori roti, Sonu Sood invites his fans saying, “Sabse best tandoori roti Sonu Sood banata hai. Isliye Sonu Sood ke dhabe pe jaldi aao. (Sonu Sood makes the best tandoori rotis, so visit Sonu Sood’s dhaba soon).” Click here to take a look at Sonu Sood making tandoori roti.

Sonu Sood and his culinary adventures have surely got us hungry, and, now, we are craving some delicious food.