Chef Makes 40 Kg Chocolate Whale; Leaves People In Amazement


Whether you have dark fudge truffle, a gooey brownie or even a decadent cake, chocolate is happiness in its purest form. It’s the only flavour that will certainly never go out of style. But do you love chocolate to the point where you could create a 40-Kg whale out of it?! Well, if this sounds impossible, then, believe it or not, a chocolatier and pastry chef has done it! Chef Amaury Guichon is known to create unique chocolate sculptures. His skills and precision of work have left people on the internet in amazement! So, when the chef uploaded a video of his giant chocolate whale, it was bound to make heads turn. In this recipe, he made use of  90lbs (40 Kgs) of chocolate that took him four days to complete. The video of the making of the chocolate whale was shared on his official Instagram account.

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In the video, first, the chef has been seen melting loads of chocolate and shaping it to structure the whale. Then he carved the patterns by cutting the borders and designing the whale’s fins, eyes, and tail. Finally, for the skin texture, he sprayed milk and grey, blue grained syrup over it. The chef also used several tools like a welding machine, paper, chocolate sheets, and chocolate clay to complete this project. At the end, when the parts of the whale were ready, he structured it together and created a realistic-looking whale.

In his video, the chef wrote, “This massive 90lbs whale was crafted in 4 days using Milk and Dark Chocolate, I love the realistic-looking skin.” Take a look at the video:

Ever since the video was uploaded on Instagram, it has received more than seven lakh views and many comments! One of the users wrote, “I always find your videos satisfying to watch.” While another one said, “Love you for the consistent touch of excellence. God bless you real good.” One user even added that “I am always amazed by your work. But the one thing that has been bothering me for a long time. Do you eat them later? Especially the big masterpieces.”

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While this was one of his creations that left everyone surprised, the chef has also created many other things like a sea horse, swan, lion and even Statue of Liberty using chocolate!

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