Chorafali Recipe: A Gluten-Free Gujarati Snack That Is Easy To Make At Home


Whether it is the festive season or just another get-together at home, Gujarati snacks are always a hit among guests. From khandviand dhokla to fafda and chakli– people just love indulging in these snacks. They are easy to prepare and delicious to eat. A relatively new addition to these snacks is chorafali, a.k.a chola dal fritters. In fact, we can call it a less explored snack item in the Gujarati spread. These are irresistible deep-fried fritters that can be made in bulk and stored in jars.

Chorafali is a must-have snack in Gujarati households during the festive season. If you are already intrigued by this snack, here’s an easy recipe by Chef Ananya Banerjee. She has shown the entire process of making chorafali at home on her YouTube channel (Ananya Banerjee).

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She has described chorafali as the “most popular Gujarati snack“. Well, it is. Chorafali is light, fluffy, and crispy with a generous amount of chatpata masala making it even more desirable.

The recipe does not use maida or atta. Instead, it uses gram flour (besan) and urad dal flour. All you have to do is to take two cups of besan and half a cup of urad dal atta, add some salt, a pinch of cooking soda, turmeric powder (haldi) and asafoetida powder (hing). Mix them well in the atta and then knead the dough using oil. After that, put some oil on the dough and cut it into small pieces.

Flatten the dough pieces in a round shape and fry them in oil on a slow flame. Sprinkle some chilli powder and rock salt and you are all set to enjoy the crispy, crunchy chorafali.

Try this recipe today and let us know how you liked it!