Christmas 2021: Having A Christmas Party? Here’s A Fully Planned Dinner Menu For A Good Time


The time to be jolly is here again. Stardust of cold nights, bright lights, and hot chocolate covers the atmosphere. After all, it’s the Christmas season. It is that time of the year when even fitness enthusiasts don’t count their calorie intakes. The festival oozes happiness, and the streets start smelling like joy. Christmas parties are all about having an incredible time where friends and families are dining on interesting anecdotes and stories, and more importantly, lip-smacking food. If you’re also hosting a platform for good times and are struggling to get it just right, we might come in handy.

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We have a full-course dinner plan, specially designed to make sure your guests leave the house smiling.


1. Slow-Cooked Spiced Sangria 

Sangria tastes like happy times. Giving your guests a warm welcome, quite literally, will set the path for a nice evening.


Garnish it with marshmellows.

2. Hot Chocolate

Can we please name Hot chocolate the drink of the season? This beverage is laced with nostalgia. It also works like a charm on kids.

3. Hot Fruit Punch

An amazing combination of nutmeg, ginger, jaggery, and fruits can soothe souls and please your palette like no other.


1. Old Monk Sticky Chicken Wings

An adept party starter, these wings will jolt up the palate with the spicy texture. You can serve it with a few dips.

2. Hot Rock Garlic Prawns

These curled-up bundles of flavour will be a delightful pick. The tenderness of prawns and the thrill contained in garlic sauce cannot be anything but yummy.

dahi kebab

Serve it with green chutney.

3. Dahi Kebab

These soft treats made of hung curd and cheese are suitably coupled with the spiciness of onions and pepper. Add green coriander chutney to it, and you have the perfect dish.

Main Course 

1. Roasted Chicken With Mushroom and Wine Sauce

A stuffed and roasted Turkey is what signifies Christmas. But if you are not able to source a Turkey, we have the ultimate replacement. Roasted chicken is mouth-watering and goes well with the drinks on the table.


Serve the biryani with mirchi salan.

2. Mutton Biryani

Covered in traditional spices and flavours, a dum-style mutton biryani is an option that can never go wrong.

4. Four Cheese Pasta

A haven for cheese lovers, this pasta dish includes four different types of cheese and is loaded with veggies. 


1. Caramel Custard

An elegant French dessert, caramel custard tastes as pleasing as it looks and will be ready in no time.

2. Plum Cake

A fermented delight honed with cherries, almonds, and raisins, Plum cake is a traditional Christmas dessert that your guests would love to have.


Christmas is incomplete without pudding.

3. Christmas Pudding

The most thematic dessert is Christmas pudding. This dessert bundles up the night into perfection. A scrumptious concoction of currants, sultanas, and brandy, Christmas pudding never disappoints.

So, here is the guide for the night that we have planned for you. Merry Christmas in advance, and we hope you have a great night.