Congress Bun Masala Recipe: Karnataka’s Famous Crunchy Bun Masala For Tea Time Indulgence


If given a chance, we would love to travel around the country just to munch on the different snacks and dishes available to us, right? For instance, Kathi roll from Kolkata, the delicious Kothambari vadi from Mumbai and the melt-in-the-mouth fluffy dhoklas from Gujarat. There is just something about the taste of these regional snacks that feel the best when enjoyed in their respective states. However, it’s not possible for us to catch a flight every single time the cravings hit. Fret not; you can make authentic snacks from your favourite destination at home. While on the journey of discovering some delectable regional snacks, we came across a crunchy and delicious peanut-based snack from the streets of Karnataka. With an origin story as interesting as its name, here is how you can devour this famous snack called Congress Bun Masala.


Peanuts are a common Indian tea time snack

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Said to have been prepared for the first time in an iconic bakery in Bengaluru – named VB Bakery, the origin of the name still remains uncertain. It is said that congress bun gets its name from the masala being used as the stuffing. A forgotten origin story and a newfound fan base make the congress bun masala a must-try. However, until then, for all lovers of peanuts and bun masala, here is a recipe that you should definitely give a try.

How To Make Congress Bun Masala l Congress Bun Masala Recipe

In a pan heat some oil and curry leaves, asafetida, some spices and split peanuts. Mix well and take off the heat. Once cooled, mix again with hands, light crushing the peanuts which will give the masala an interesting texture.

Toast buns in butter in the same skillet to add more flavours or use another pan to do the same. Spread some green chutney of the buns and place the peanut stuffing in the middle. Top with thin slices of onions and grated carrots, chopped coriander leaves and some chaat masala. Sandwich the buns and serve hot with evening tea.

Click here for a detailed recipe of Congress Bun Masala.

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