Cooking Tips: How To Poach Eggs In A Microwave


We all know that cooking an elaborated breakfast meal can be challenging, especially when you are pressed for time. In an attempt to make a quick breakfast, a lot of us pick eggs as they can be easily made. Here we have a classic egg recipe for breakfast that can be ready in just few minutes without you using stove, making it the ideal breakfast for lazy mornings. Yes, that’s right! Wondering what it is? It is none other than poached eggs! Some basic things you’ll need is a microwave-safe container, an egg and of course, a microwave!

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The egg is a superfood that not only tastes good but is extremely healthy! This superfood is full of proteins – a key nutrient that helps with muscle repair. It is also a good source of vitamin D and good carbs. These are just some of the few reasons by this superfood is an excellent way to start our day.


Eat poached eggs with toasted bread!

Tips For Poaching Egg In Microwave:


You can take a microwave-safe bowl or mug to poach the eggs. However, make sure whatever container you use, the food should heat evenly. The container should be dense and sturdy. Poaching an egg in a large container takes a longer time, try to use a small container quicker result.


The water level of the mug/bowl should be at least half the volume of the container. There has to be enough water covering the egg so that it poaches easily. The egg will burst if the water content of the container is less.


You will be using the microwave setting for poaching eggs. You don’t need to change the setting to convection or grill. The heat setting of each microwave is different so you will need to set the time according to your microwave. If you want runny yolk, then cook the poached eggs for 60 seconds.

Extra Tip:

When people poach eggs on a stove, they usually pour some drops of vinegar or squeeze lemon juice to coagulate the egg whites. However poaching eggs in the microwave, you don’t need to execute that step as adding an acid to the egg doesn’t make a big difference to the poaching process.

How To Poach Eggs In A Microwave:

  • Pour in at least half a cup of water in a microwave-safe mug.

  • Crack an egg in the water-filled mug. Cover the mug with a plate.

  • Microwave the container for 60 seconds.

  • Voila, poached eggs are ready!

Try out this method and tell us how you liked it in the comments section.