Devendra Fadnavis’s “Underworld Links Proof” Against Maharashtra Minister


Devendra Fadnavis's 'Underworld Links Proof' Against Maharashtra Minister

Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik and BJP’s Devendra Fadnavis have been trading charges


Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who had promised a post-Diwali “expose” on state Minister Nawab Malik, delivered on his promise today.

Reiterating his earlier charge that Mr Malik has underworld links, the BJP leader, addressing a press conference, presented what he calls “proof” of the connection.

“I had said I will expose somethings after Diwali. It took some time to get papers. I am not narrating a Salim Javed script… And this is not a picture of the interval,” the BJP leader began.

Mr Fadnavis’s charge is that Nawab Malik had struck a property deal with an underworld person who was convicted in the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

“In Kurla a 2.80 acre plot is called Goawala compound on LBS Road.This plot has registry with Solidus Investments Private Limited. This company is related to Nawab Malik’s family. He was also in the company but he resigned after he became a minister. This plot was bought from underworld people for Rs 30 lakh. Only Rs 20 lakh were paid,” Mr Fadnavis alleged.

“My question is when this deal happened you were a minister. Did you not know who Salim Patel is? Why did you buy land from convicts? And why did they sell a three-acre plot on LBS road for Rs 30 lakh,” he asked.

Salim Patel is gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s aide and was the driver of Haseena Parkar (Dawood’s sister). After Dawood escaped, the properties were acquired by Haseena Parkar through Salim Patel. Dawood Ibrahim is the mastermind behind the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts.

“This is a direct link to the underworld. Those who brought RDX, those who conspired to carry out the blasts, you are doing business with them? I will send all this to competent authorities and also send it to Sharad Pawar so that he knows what his Minister has done,” said Mr Fadnavis.

Nawab Malik had earlier alleged that Devendra Fadnavis had appeared in a music video financed by a drug peddler who is currently in jail. It is “laughable”, was Mr Fadnavis’s response at the time.

The BJP leader had alleged that Mr Malik was just trying to put pressure on the Narcotics Control Bureau or the NCB to get the anti-drugs agency to weaken the charge sheet against his son-in-law.

The Maharashtra cabinet minister’s son-in-law Sameer Khan was arrested by the NCB earlier this year in a drugs case and was later granted bail by a court.

The Minister has recently made several sensational claims against the BJP, alleging it colluded to expand the drugs business in the state.