Ditch The Soap, Here’s “How To Clean A Cast Iron Skillet With A Secret Ingredient”


We love to eat mouth-watering food. Some of us find joy in cooking and sharing them too. But how many of us enjoy doing the dishes and washing the utensils after cooking? Not many of us like this inevitable chore in our kitchens. Sometimes, it’s because we’ve been doing it all wrong all this while. Many of us complain that our cast iron skillets don’t last long or they don’t get cleaned properly. Well, there’s a high chance that we have been using the regular dishwashing soap and scrub to clean the pan.

But what if we told you that you don’t need to use soap to wash your favourite cooking pans?. Yes, you read that right! Take a look at this cleaning hack.

An Instagram page named ‘brunchwithbabs’ shared the tips to wash a cast iron skillet through a video. The right way seems to be a well-kept secret. The caption read, “How to clean a cast iron skillet with a secret ingredient!!!”

Here are the steps mentioned in the video:

1. No soap

The basic rule behind cleaning the pan is not to use soap. Traditionally, soaps tend to strip away oil and could remove the seasoning from the pan’s inner surface. This is considered to be harmful to the pan’s quality.

2. Sprinkle salt

Instead of using soap, use a good amount of salt for cleaning the pan. Coat the pan with salt and distribute it evenly.

3. Use a potato

Ditch the regular scrubbing pads. Instead, just grab a potato and start scrubbing the salt-coated pan with it. The potato skin helps us to clean the crevices in the pan.

4. Use a coffee filter

After scrubbing the pan with a potato, clean it with coffee filter paper. This is preferred to paper towels or other cleaning papers as coffee filters don’t shed.

5. Rinse and dry

The next step is to rinse the pan with tap water. After washing it, pat it dry with a towel.

6. Heat the pan

A pro tip about cleaning pans is to warm the pan. If it isn’t warm already, put the dried pan over a low flame.

7. Pour oil

Pour some oil into the warm pan and coat the surface with a thin coating. Use a paper towel to spread it evenly on the surface.

8. Storage

Store it in a dry place until using it next time.

Here’s the video:

This cleaning hack can help us clean the cast iron skillets in a better way.