Diwali 2021: 3 Easy Tips To Make Chenna – The Basic Ingredient For Sandesh, Rasgulla And More


Diwali and indulgence go hand in hand and there’s no denying to it. In fact, Diwali to most of us is synonymous to all things tasty and sinful. From chaat to samosa and chole bhature – we make different types of dishes during the festival and enjoy those delicacies with friends and families. And how can we forget sweets! Laddu, barfi, sandesh and more – we indulge in an extensive range of desi mithais without any guilt. While we buy some of these delicacies from our favourite sweet shop in the city, some are made at home. Yes, you heard us. You can easily make rasgulla, sandesh, rasmalai etc at home if you have a bowl of chenna in store. This brings up a question – where to get the chenna from. The answer is, make it at home.

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Chenna is basically curdled milk and making it at home is easier than even. All you need to do is get hold of a packet of milk, some lemon juice or vinegar and a strainer. That’s it! Here we bring you some easy tips that will help you prepare chenna at home without any fuss. Take a look.

rasgulla recipe

3 Easy Tips To Make Chenna At Home:

1. Always use fresh cow milk to get the best quality chenna.

2. Boil milk and switch off the flame before adding lemon juice/ vinegar to it.

3. After adding the lemon juice/vinegar, wait until you get clear greenish coloured whey water.

How To Make Chenna | Easy Chenna Recipe:

1. Give the milk a boil and switch of the flame.

2. Add lemon juice/vinegar/yogurt to the milk and stir.

3. Let it curdle for a minute or two and strain the whey water.

That’s it! Follow these steps and get perfectly soft chenna for making your favourite sweets at home. But wait, do not throw away the whey water. Instead, use it to knead dough (for roti) and make it protein-rich and healthier.

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Happy Diwali 2021, everyone!

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