Diwali 2021: 5 Diwali Desserts You Only Need 3 Ingredients To Make


Diwali 2021: With festivities lined up, this month has undoubtedly been exciting for all of us. And now, as Diwali is coming close, we are sure that your preparations have already begun! From cleaning up your houses and choosing outfits for the puja to making delicious delicacies for the guests, there are many things to do. But, as you complete these things one by one, the last thing that stays are the desserts to make. After all, no Diwali is complete without a plateful of mithai. But cooking elaborate desserts can sometimes also be a hassle. So to make your work easy and quick, today we bring you a list of desserts that you can make using just three ingredients! Yes, you read that right! With just three ingredients, you can easily whip up these mithais for Diwali and enjoy them with your friends and family.

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Diwali 2021: Here Are 5 3-Ingredient Diwali Desserts | Easy Diwali Desserts Recipes

1. Kaju Katli

The first on the list had to be the delicious Kaju katli! This mithai is an all-time favourite of everyone, so to make this easily at your home, all you need is milk, cashews and sugar. A delicious plate of Kaju katli will be ready in no time! Find the recipe here.


2. Shrikhand

This popular thick and creamy dessert from Gujarat has a fan following of its own. While it comes in many varieties and flavours, here we have a simple recipe consisting of only curd, cardamom and sugar. See the recipe here.

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3. Coconut Till Ladoo

If you love a refreshing taste, then this coconut ladoo is just for you. This amazing ladoo has the sweetness of dates and roasted sesame seeds to give it an extra kick in the flavour. Check the recipe here.


4. Haldi Kulfi

Found in almost every restaurant or eatery shop, kulfi is the mouth-melting dessert that always gives us a comforting taste. To make an easy kulfi at home, all you need is cream milk, turmeric and sugar. Once made, freeze it and enjoy it with your guests! Click here for the recipe.


5. Jowar Ladoo

Looking for something healthy this festive season? Well, this recipe is just for you then! This jowar ladoo are high in protein and is made using jowar flour, jaggery and ghee. The process to make this is also super simple. See the recipe here.

Make these delicious and simple delights this festive season and let us know which one did you like the best!

Happy Diwali 2021, everyone!