Diwali 2021: 7 Diet And Cooking Tips To Cut Down Excess Calorie Intake This Festive Season

Diwali 2021: 7 Diet And Cooking Tips To Cut Down Excess Calorie Intake This Festive Season


The festival of Diwali is knocking the doors and it’s time to catch up with family and friends. While the festive vibe is in the air, a lot of us have already indulged in all things decadent and sweet. Diwali celebrations and sweet treats are quite synonymous to each other, which often end up giving us a sugar overdose. Bingeing on the traditional delicacies of the festival may wreak havoc on your waistline as most of the Diwali delights are loaded with sugar and fat that only adds to the calorie load. However, you can steer clear of those extra calories by following few cooking and eating tips that won’t make you go looking for a diet post the celebrations.

Here Are Few Diet And Cooking Hacks That May Help You Stave Off Excess Calories:

Ditch The Deep-Frying Method And Opt For Baking Instead

Snacks like mathis and samosas can be baked instead of frying, which would further cut out on a lot of extra calories. To reduce the calorie count further, you can skip the regular potato-based filling and stuff your samosas with veggies instead as they are rich in fibre content. Kebab, cutlet, tikka masala can all be baked with full seasoning and very less oil. Alternatively, you may also bring to your rescue the air-frying method that reduces the oil consumption to a considerable extent without compromising on the taste. Pakoras, fish, chicken; all of these can be cooked using this method.

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oobkno2oThe air-frying method reduces the oil consumption to a considerable extent.

Swap Butter For Healthy Oil Alternatives

Home cooking allows you to choose the amount and type of ingredients. For instance, if you are making butter chicken at home for Diwali party, replace the butter with some healthy oil and use it in moderation. You can also swap the heavy cream and use skimmed milk instead to get the same texture and taste.

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3n5efudgHome cooking allows you to choose the amount and type of ingredients.

Snack Smart

Instead of snacking on deep-fried stuff, bring protein-rich snacks to your rescue as they may help you stay satiated for long. For dinner, you can choose vegetables of your choice and a small serving of carbs. 

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Avoid Intake Of Excess Sugary Sodas

Alcohol packs in a lot of calories and if you add a sugary soda or juice to your drink, the calorie load would only end up increasing. First of all, drink in moderation and have a glass of water or flavoured water between your drinks as it will prevent dehydration and help you avoid a hangover.

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qpn158p8Drink sufficient water and keep yourself well-hydrated

Make Judicious Choices

When you’re at a Diwali party, walk around the table and see what is laid out from end-to-end. Avoid eating everything that’s present on the buffet table and be judicious in your choices as it will help prevent calorie overload. Other than this, wait before you reach out for the second helping. It takes about ten minutes for your stomach to register what you have eaten; wait and then decide if you really need the second helping.

Start Out Full

Eat before you hit the party circuit. During the festive season you may have to head out every day or very often. Therefore, it is better to eat your meal before you leave and stick to munching small amount of non-fried snacks. You can munch on a snack, preferably a protein-rich one, before you leave so that you don’t hit the party empty stomach. You can also consider a handful of nuts, an apple or cucumber, a tablespoon of peanut butter, or just one whole grain toast or roti.

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protein barYou can munch on a snack, preferably a protein-rich one, before you leave your house. Image credits: iStock

Dance Till You Drop

Make the most of the festive season by dancing to your heart’s content. Dancing is a form of exercise that may help you manage your weight by burning excess calories.

Stay focused for the rest of the day. Keep yourself hydrated and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. This will prevent exhaustion and keep you energised through the day.

Wishing you all a Happy Diwali 2021!

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