Diwali 2021: 7 Tips On How To Enjoy Diwali Treats and Not Put On Weight

Diwali 2021: 7 Tips On How To Enjoy Diwali Treats and Not Put On Weight


Diwali 2021 is just around the corner and it is getting difficult to hold the excitement in. Also known as the festival of lights, Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. Like every other festival in the country, people indulge in and feast on a lot of festive food during Diwali. From sweets like Kaju Katlis and Laddoos to snacks such as Bhakarwadi, Chakli, and roasted almonds, Diwali celebrations are incomplete without some good food. It’s Diwali and we understand the urge to go all out and binge on sweet treats and fried snacks but it helps to make smart choices even while feasting. What if we were to tell you that you can manage both your festive desires as well as your weight loss goals together? Here are some tips that would help you relish Diwali sweets and snacks, without worrying about piling those extra kilos, and have a really Happy Diwali

1. Pick your sweets wisely

While purchasing sweets from the market, go for trusted mithai shops. There’s a lot of adulterated stuff doing the rounds and your sweets could also pack unwanted fat laden ingredients. Don’t buy heaps of sweets in one go either, that would only result in leftovers.

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diwali 2017

 Be careful about adulterated sweets.

2. Make some treats at home

This Diwali 2021, you can also make some drool-worthy treats at home. Homemade laddoos with jaggery and dry fruits can help in controlling your calorie intake. The Diwali staple ‘Kaju Katli’ is also quite easy to make at home and could prove to be a better bet than the ones bought from the market. Nutritionist and Health Practitioner Shilpa Arora has some more suggestions. “You can try making healthy treats like Nariyal and Besan Laddos. Snack on dates, cashews, prunes, apricots and raisins – they are all good for you.” Home -made sweets and snacks not only use high quality ingredients, but they are also fresh and thus, are light on your stomach. 

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kaju barfiThis Diwali, you can also make some drool-worthy treats at home

3. Portion control is the key

Portion control will help you relish all the treats without feeling guilty. Begin with grabbing a small plate and don’t overfill it. Keep a check on the amount (and calories) of sweets and snacks you dig in. Avoid going for second helpings

healthy foodKeep a check on the amount (and calories) of sweets and snacks you dig in.

 4. Do not give up on your exercise routine

Keep up with your regular exercise routine during the Diwali feasting. Practicing Yoga, or any other form of physical training would help you enjoy the festivities with less guilt. If it is difficult to hit the gym, try little things like taking the stairs or going for a short walk or do a couple of stretching exercises at your desk, there are so many ways in which you can still indulge in some kind of physical activity and burn those excess calories. 

excercise 620Keep up with your regular exercise routine during the Diwali feasting.

 5. Plan your meals

As much as it is about the kind of food that you take, your diet is also about how you moderate the quantities. And this is exactly what you need to do while feasting during Diwali. If you have already consumed a high calorie-meal during the day, try to keep the dinner light with soups, salads, buttermilk and fat-free food. The same goes for sweets and snacks too. Excess consumption of high salty snacks and dry fruits may cause bloating and water retention in body.  Limit the portions to one single piece or one small bowl once a day. If you are offered sweets, just take a single piece. Follow your regular meal timings. 

6. Stay hydrated

Amidst all the feasting, it is important to stay hydrated too. This prevents any chances of water retention or digestive problems. The potassium and other minerals in water also keep your blood pressure in check which may be affected due to all the salty, oily and fattening food that you indulge in. It keeps you full and prevents the cravings to binge. Drinking 10-12 glasses daily also keeps your skin nourished and radiant through the festivities. 

hydrate yourself

stay hydrated

7. Have a healthy breakfast and indulge in healthy snacking 

Eating a healthy breakfast rich in protein and fibre will help keep satiated for the first half of the day and delay the urge to binge and indulge. Fibre takes the longest to digest and promotes the feeling of fullness. Through the day, you can grab some healthy and high fibre foods like an apple or a bowl of oatmeal to avoid unnecessary bingeing.

Happy Diwali 2021!