Diwali 2021: 9 Traditional Sweets With Recipes To Celebrate Diwali

Diwali 2021: 9 Traditional Sweets With Recipes To Celebrate Diwali


One of the biggest Indian festivals, Diwali is just around the corner and the country is all set to celebrate it with much fervour. This year Diwali 2021 is falling on 4th November and the markets are already set with beautiful diyas, lights and decorations across the country. One of the most important parts of the significant festival is food. Like any other Indian festival, feasting is crucial to Diwali and everything from rich Indian curries to traditional sweets are gorged upon without any restrictions. Sugary treats including traditional Indian desserts make up for most of the devouring!

If you are also the one looking forward to Diwali mostly to satiate your sweet tooth, we’ve got some of the best traditional sweet delights with recipes right here! Think of decadent gulab jamuns, quintessential kaju katli, luscious kheer and lot more!

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Here Are 9 Traditional Sweets With Recipes To Celebrate Diwali:

1. Kaju Katli

Always a winner, Diwali without a few pieces of kaju katli here and there, doesn’t quite sound like Diwali, isn’t it? Not just to indulge, homemade kaju katlis might also make for a great giveaway during the festivities! Find the full recipe here.


Diwali 2021: The quintessential Diwali dessert!

2. Rasmalai

This melt-in-mouth sweet treat made with cardamom, chhena, cornflour and saffron is a delight at every occasion! Click here for the recipe.


Diwali 2021: Rasmalai is a light and luscious Indian dessert worth giving a try.

3. Mohanthal

A fudge-like Indian dessert, Mohanthal is made with gram flour. It is popular across Rajasthan and Gujarat and is extremely easy to make at home. Perfect for the festive season! Find the recipe here.


Diwali 2021: Give your festivities a Gujarati touch.

4. Mysore Pak

True to its name, the recipe of Myspre Pak was originated in the kitchen of Mysore Palace and one bite of this this traditional 4-ingredient Indian dessert is sure to transport you to royalty! Click here for the recipe.


Diwali 2021: Decadent and absolutely easy to make Mysore Pak.

5. Chawal Ki Kheer

Kheer is perhaps quintessential to any Indian festive or celebratory occasion by now! We guess nobody can ever say no to a bowl full of fragrant basmati rice simmered in milk with sugar and garnished with nutty mix of slivered almonds, cashews, cardamom, saffron and more! Find the recipe here.


Diwali 2021: Is any celebration ever complete without a bowl of kheer?

6. Gulab Jamun

No matter how full you are, there’s always some space left for these tempting khoya balls dipped in sugar syrup! Warm, decadent and easy to make, find the recipe of gulab jamun here.


Diwali 2021: Nobody can ever resist these sugary balls!

7. Gajar Ka Halwa

The nip in the air coupled with the festive vibe makes for a perfect occasion to indulge in Gajar ka halwa, don’t you think!? Click here for the recipe.


Diwali 2021: Gajar ka halwa is the perfect Indian dessert to celebrate the festive season.

8. Shahi Tukda

An Awadhi delicacy, Shahi Tukda has never failed to impress the taste buds with its pieces of flat bread topped with a thick mix of nuts and milk! Find the full recipe here.

shahi tukda

Diwali 2021: Shahi Tukda is set to give you a royal treat.

9. Ragi Coconut Ladoo

Quite a comforting, warm sweet delight during the onset of winter, coconut ladoo has everything from the goodness of shredded coconut and ragi flour to the yummy crunch of peanuts and flavour of jaggery. Click here for the full recipe.


Diwali 2021: This coconut ladoo is sure to make your festival brighter!

Try these decadent traditional sweet recipes this Diwali at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

Happy Diwali 2021!