Diwali 2021: Add These 9 Mithai Recipes To Your Choti Diwali Feast


Choti Diwali is here  and no one wants to spend the day without some yummy food. Food, especially sweets, is an important part of any Indian celebration. Before you dive into the main feast for Diwali, we recommend that you indulge in a feast on Chhoti Diwali as well. And, don’t forget to include traditional mithai. So, Instead of treating yourself and your family to sweets bought from stores, make some mithai at home this year. Here are nine mithai recipes to help you rustle up some delicious treats by yourself.

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This traditional sweet dish will melt in your mouth and fill you up with flavours of cardamom and saffron. The soft texture of chenna and the gooey malai is a sure-shot winner.

kaju barfi

Kaju barfi is a classic mithai.

2.Kaju Barfi

We can’t imagine Diwali without kaju barfi. Make a dough with crushed cashew nuts in a pan of sugar syrup and cardamom. Set this in a greased tray and cut them into diamond shapes. Voila, your sweet is ready.

3.Chawal Ki Kheer

Kheer is a staple sweet dish at any celebration in India. No one can really say no to this yummy kheer made with aromatic basmati rice and garnished with nuts and raisins. Add saffron and cardamom to infuse the kheer with a unique taste.

4.Rava Kheer

    Do you want something lighter than rice kheer? Try this aromatic kheer made with simmered milk, semolina and dry fruits.

    5.Shahi Tukda

    Let your feast stand out by including delicious shahi tukda on your menu. The taste of fried pieces of bread drizzled in a thick mixture of milk and dry fruits is delicious.


    Gulab jamun tastes delicious!

    6.Gulab Jamun

    No one can forget the soft texture of warm gulab jamuns. They taste better when cooked at home. Dip them in a sugar syrup or serve them with vanilla ice cream for a change.


    This mithai is popular in northern parts of India, especially in Gujarat. This sweet is made with khoya, besan, ghee and milk. Add cardamom and other condiments to enhance the flavour.

    8.Gajar Ka Halwa

    Gajar ka halwa is one of the most popular sweet dishes to be made during festivals in India. Pep up the festivities with this carrot dessert.

    9.Mysore Pak

    This mithai hails from the state of Karnataka. These sweets are served as soft cubes made with besan, ghee, sugar and water.

    Try these decadent mithai recipes to add sweetness to your Chhoti Diwali celebrations.