Diwali 2021 Weight Loss Diet Plan: Add These Foods To Your Festive Menu

Diwali 2021 Weight Loss Diet Plan: Add These Foods To Your Festive Menu


Festivals are for everyone, even those trying to lose weight. Instead of dampening the festive spirit by depriving yourself of delicious foods, you can partake in the feasts with your own weight-loss-special Diwali menu. Yes, having a healthy Diwali diet is possible, and we’ll help you plan it and ride through it. The key is to turn weight loss-friendly foods into festive delights (including sweets!) and resist the urge to pick from others’ plates, no matter how hard it is.

So, are you ready to dive into the biggest festival of the year without compromising your diet? We are diving in with you.

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Wight Loss-Friendly Foods For Diwali 2021:


Cucumber tops the list of dieters and it should because it is one of the very few foods that has zero fat and calorie and is made up of mostly water. Not only this food hydrates, but it also helps shed extra fat stored in the body.

Make roasted cucumber tikki for snacks, cucumber raita for your main meal and cucumber mocktail to share a drink with friends and family.


Cucumber can be used to make many healthy dishes. 


Beetroot is another winter-special food that is low in calories and high in fibre. It has slight natural sugar content but it won’t come in the way of your weight loss goal if you consume it sporadically.

Beetroot and quinoa cutlet can be a great Diwali starter. Delicious and colourful beetroot salad can be a great addition to your dinner meal, which can be enjoyed by your guests we well. This beetroot falafel would be a unique and interesting pick for the dinner menu. Missing desserts? Make this amazing beetroot modak and skip adding sugar or replace it with a healthier alternative.


Super rich in proteins and iron, spinach is everyone’s favourite winter food. There’s so much you can do with this green vegetable to round off your Diwali menu.

Replace the bowl of carbs-loaded potato chips and indulge in healthier palak chips instead. Indian sabzis like palak paneer and corn palak are good picks for the dinner table. You can pair the Indian meals with this palak raita.


Coconut adds a distinct nutty flavour, lends some creaminess and can also accelerate the weight loss process.

Make all those luscious Indian dishes of paneer, chicken etc. by using coconut milk or coconut paste instead of cream. And, let’s not forget all those yummy yet healthy sweets you can make with it – try sugar-free coconut modak and coconut ragi ladoo made with jaggery, not sugar. 


Coconut ragi laddoo is an excellent option for Diwali sweets menu. 

Add these foods to your grocery shopping list and use these recipes to enjoy a healthy, guilt-free Diwali 2021!