Diwali Special: 5 Sugar-Free Mithai For Diwali That You Can Make Under 20 Min


Diwali Special: One of the most awaited Indian festivals, Diwali is finally here! As the auspicious day draws closer, we have started decorating our houses, office spaces and preparing for house parties and get-togethers. And as we all know, food is the center of attraction of every party, and Diwali party is no different. But, if you are worried all the sweets from the Diwali menu are going to hamper your weight loss progress so far, fret not! Because we found a bunch of sugar-free mithais that you can easily make at home to up the festive quotient in your diet plans. What’s even better is that these mithais are low in time and effort, naturally sweetened by fruits, and extremely delicious too! What else could you ask for? Go ahead and give these healthy sugar-free Diwali sweets a try:

Diwali Special: 5 Sugar-Free Mithais Under 20 Minutes:

1. Grilled Almond Barfi:

Barfis have a special in our hearts and Diwali celebrations can never be complete without them. Instead of going for the sugar-laden ones, try making this grilled Almond Sugar free barfi this Diwali. A simple three-ingredient recipe, this Almond barfi is packed with the goodness of almonds that have been grilled to perfection and some flavourful khoya. Prepare at home and serve all your guests, here is the recipe for you.


Grilled Almond barfi is delicious

2. Khaas Malpoi:

Why go for just the traditional sweets when you can take a slightly different route and treat your taste buds with this flavourful dessert? Made with the classic gajar ka halwa and wrapped in thin sheets like pancakes, the Khaas Malpoi is the perfect dessert to amaze guests this festive season. Click here for the recipe.

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3. Faldhari Badam ki barfi:

A sugar-free mithai that you can relish this festive season without worrying about your health. It is made with Mawa along with the goodness of nuts like walnuts, figs, and almonds. Cook mawa and nuts and mix all ingredients together, plate, and cut before serving. Sprinkle some nutmeg powder for a hint of aroma in the end and it is ready to be served. Here is the recipe for you.


Try this recipe

4. Fig mousse:

Fig (Anjeer) is the delicious winter fruit that we love munching on because of its distinct flavor. Why not take that love for Anjeer and make a creamy and velvety dessert out of it? Anjeer mousse is just the dessert you need this festive season to create a medley between your love for traditional sweets and unique flavors, here is the recipe for you.

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5. Two-in-one Phirni:

Talk of rich traditional festive sweets and not mention phirni? How is that possible! The rich and decadent Phirni has been a part of our festive treats since time immemorial. Milky and creamy, this signature dessert can be prepared without sugar as well. Garnished with crushed almonds and pistas, topped with rose essence, this rich and aromatic sugar-free dessert is sure to win your heart all over again. Here is the recipe for you.


Phirni is a delicious classic dessert

There you have it, try these 5 sugar-free Diwali sweets at home to indulge guilt-free!

Happy Diwali!