Diwali Special: How To Make Kaju Katli For This Festive Season


Diwali 2021: The festival of lights is here! Our streets, malls, offices and homes are decorated with diyas and lights and there is a certain festive cheer surrounding the entire nation! Along with the shimmering lights and striking decorations, if there is one other thing that completes the festivities, it has to be the yummy sweets. Diwali feast is all about different kinds of sweetmeats and if you ask us, Kaju Katli is undeniably one of the most famous sweets associated with the festival. Exquisite and decadent, these melt-in-the-mouth barfis find their way into the quintessential Diwali sweet platter every single time. And if you are a Kaju katli lover, we’ve got some good news for you! This time, you don’t need to line up in front of sweet shops for hours to get your hands on the best Kaju katli out there. Because with this easy recipe, you can make soft and delicious barfi’s like the restaurants, right from the comfort of your own kitchen!

kaju katli

Kaju Katli is a famous Diwali sweet

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Making homemade Kaju Katli doesn’t only ensure the most divine tasting katli but also is much healthier than the ones found in the markets. You can use as many or few toppings as you want – customise the homemade ones according to your liking and have the freshest batch right off the stove. Made with just 5 major ingredients, these sweets are sure to impress guests and visitors. Layer the silver varq (silver sheet) on top and give the katli a restaurant-like look.

Diwali Special: How To Make Kaju Katli At Home l Homemade Kaju Katli Recipe:

Prepare sugar syrup by heating water, sugar and saffron in a pan. Add the crushed cashew powder and mix well. Spread the dough on a plain surface. Freeze and cut into diamond shaped slices and serve.

Click here for the full recipe of homemade Kaju Katli

Try making this Diwali favorite at home; let us know how it turns out in the comments below.

Happy Diwali 2021!