Dwayne Johnson’s Recent Cheat Meal Will Leave You Drooling For Some Juicy Burgers


It’s really difficult to stay true to a strict diet plan all the time. That’s why it is important to take breaks in between and enjoy cheat meals once in a while. Resisting your cravings constantly could be very exhausting and that’s why one must listen to their heart and eat what they like at times. Dwayne Johnson, who is also known as ‘The Rock,’ surely agrees with us on this. He often posts videos and photos from his weekend cheat meals on Instagram. This time around, his Sunday cheat meal featured two juicy sirloin burgers with double bacon and avocado.

He posted a video of his treat where we could see slices of tomato and onion in a burger. We could also see some regular fries and sweet potato fries on his platter. In a detailed caption, he revealed that he was sitting at a bar and making the most of his Sunday cheat meal with some Anejo tequila alongside. He wrote, “#cheatmealsunday going down at the world-famous #Teremanabar where dreams come true and the good music always plays through the speakers.”

Take a look:

Dwayne Johnson is clearly someone who takes his cheat days seriously. Last month, he gave us a sneak peek into his food diaries and made us salivate. He was relishing Turkey sub and Brioche French toast that day. There were bottles of peanut butter, blackberry jelly and maple syrup kept around his treat. He captioned the video, “Cheat meal Sunday in full effect with a turkey sub from one of my favourite LA sandwich spots and the one and only world-famous rock toast – 4-inch thick Brioche French toast, created by my ace chef.” Take a look at it here.

Looks like Dwayne Johnson is a fan of decadent burgers and this is not the first time they are a part of his cheat meal. A couple of months ago, he shared an image of his delicious treat with fans on Instagram. In the image, we could see a bottle of Teremana Tequila, two cheeseburgers, and some fries. That Sunday was also special because he was watching the Football match between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots, that was played at Foxborough in Massachusetts, the United States. Felt like he enjoyed the burgers thoroughly with the match that night. Click here to read more about it.

Indeed, Dwayne Johnson’s cheat meals are the ultimate showcase that features a variety of drool-worthy dishes.