Easy South Indian-Style Coriander Mutton Fry (Mutton Sukka) Recipe For A Meaty Meal


If you are craving for a meaty meal, mutton fry or mutton sukka is just the dish to have. This south Indian specialty has juicy mutton chunks coated with a pool of fiery masalas and garnished with a tempering of curry leaves. The meatiness of mutton combined with the heat of spices makes this dish a hot favourite. Giving the classic mutton fry a slight twist is this recipe of coriander mutton fry. Coriander (dhaniya) leaves add its bright green colour and fresh minty flavour to the dish. Coriander mutton fry is quite easy to make and the final result makes all the effort put in worth your while. 

Coriander mutton fry gets its name from the flavourful coriander paste that is added to the mutton curry. The paste is made by grinding a whole bunch of coriander leaves, coconut and green chillies. This recipe asks for mutton pieces to be marinated so that flavours from the spices seep in well and make the meat supple. But you can choose to cook it directly along with the stated spices. 

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Coriander leaves add freshness to the dish. 

Coriander Mutton Sukka Recipe: How To Make Coriander Mutton Fry

Start with the marination of mutton. Mix the mutton pieces with a range of spices, salt and some lime juice, and keep it for at least 2 hours. Then pressure cook the mutton along with roasted onion, ginger and garlic paste. When cooked, add coriander paste, made of coriander leaves, coconut and green chillies. This paste will render an attractive green hue to the gravy. Lastly, temper the dish with curry leaves and mustard seeds. You can also skip the tempering part if you wish to. The coriander paste is enough to make this mutton dish a delish treat. Make sure to not add to much water; this dish tastes best with light, almost-dry gravy.

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