Egg Tikka Recipe: Make This Lip-Smacking Egg Starter In Just 30 Mins


Can you imagine a special occasion or a party without tikkas on the table? Well, if you ask us, we just can’t. A recipe with endless variations cannot simply be skipped from a lavish spread, can it? From ubiquitous chicken tikka and paneer tikka to even fish tikka, tikkas have taken over every party menu and restaurant menu like nothing else. The invigorating aroma and smokey flavour of tikka is what makes this recipe stand out from the rest. If you love tikkas as much as we do, then we are sure you would love this dish of egg tikka too.

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Just like other tikka recipes, this tikka recipe also involves the usage of fiery masalas, curd and cream making it a more wholesome and satiating dish. What makes it different is the addition of egg that lends a distinct flavour to it along with a fiery taste in its masala. It is best enjoyed with some mint chutney, onion rings and a squeeze of lemon on the top! If you are wondering how to make it at home, read on to know the complete recipe.

Here’s How You Can Make Egg Tikka | Egg Tikka Recipe:

The best part about this egg tikka recipe is that it does not require long hours of marinating, you can cook it in a few minutes! All you need to do is take a large container, add hung curd or yogurt along with dry spices, salt, lemon juice, mustard oil and gram flour and mix well.

Dip eggs in the batter and mix gently and set aside for 10-15 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180- 200 degree Celsius. Grease a baking tray with melted butter or ghee, place the eggs on the baking tray. You may add a piece of burnt coal once the eggs are prepared. Garnish with onion rings and serve with green chutney and lemon wedge alongside.

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Try this easy-peasy recipe at home this weekend to impress your family and friends and let us know how they liked it in the comment section below. Happy Weekend!