Food Blogger Eats Pizza With Pudina Chutney; Internet Reacts


Thanks to food experiments, we have received delicious dishes that we can’t imagine our lives without! Take, for instance, chilli paneer – an Indo-Chinese dish that is a delicious combination of Indian and Chinese cuisines. But it is our culinary genius and expertise that led to the invention of chilli paneer! While some experiments sound appetising, other experiments are simply disastrous. Recently, a Reddit user brought to us the dish called Maggi milkshake and the internet was in shock. Similarly, a food blogger has brought us another food combination that has the internet confused. Pizza has been known to have some crazy toppings, from pineapples to even roasted garlic. But, have you heard of pizza being paired with pudina chutney? If you are having difficulties imagining it, then take a look for yourself:

In the video, we see the Instagram food blogger @vishalikhuranna saying no to garnishing her pizza with oregano. Instead, she tops her pizza with pudina chutney. Yes, the pudina chutney that is often paired with chicken tikka, samosa or mutton kebabs, was paired with pizza! The food blogger takes a bite into her pudina chutney pizza and she seems to enjoy it a lot! The video has garnered over 89k views and over 3,500 likes. The internet is confused with this unusual pizza topping. In India, pizza is usually paired with tomato ketchup. However in Italy, pairing pizza with ketchup is considered blasphemy. So who is to say what sauce is the right sauce to eat pizza with?

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If you are interested in trying out this combination, then fret not we have your back. We have the recipe for pudina chutney right here! The next time you decide to eat pizza, try to eat it with pudina chutney to see if this food combination is delicious or not. And, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section about it!