From Onion To Pumpkin: Here Are The World’s Biggest Vegetables That Clinched Records


Gardening has become a popular pastime for many, especially during the lockdown period. We have seen several people cultivate their own kitchen gardens with herbs, spices, and even fruits and vegetables. Cultivating one’s own produce has multiple health benefits – from therapeutic properties to other nutritional benefits derived from organic farming. However, not everyone considers growing vegetables and fruits a leisurely activity; believe it or not, for some, gardening is serious competition. Guinness World Records (GWR) recently took to Instagram to share a video of some of the world’s biggest vegetables grown by gardeners excelling in their field. Take a look:

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The video was shared on IGTV by the official handle of Guinness World Records (GWR), the global authority on record-breaking achievements since 1955. The 11-minute long clip has garnered over 101k views and counting since the time it was shared. “These pro gardeners are obsessed with growing the world’s biggest vegetables,” read the caption to the post.

The video by GWR illustrates how the world’s best gardeners compete to win the title of the world’s biggest vegetables at a championship held in Malvern, UK. “This is not a beauty contest. This is a place where size matters,” the video starts off by saying. “It’s not just the prize money they’re after, they are here to break records and make history. And they won’t let anyone stand in their way,” said the voiceover. A number of famous gardeners then appeared in the video and shared their insights about growing these humongous vegetables. Some of the people featured in the clip were Ian Neele, Joe Atherton, and Peter Glazebrook. Together, they have clinched several titles for the biggest vegetables including radish, carrot, potato, onions, and even beans!

Instagram users enjoyed watching the informative video. “Sooo cool! Thanks for Sharing,” wrote one user while another said, “Super interesting!” Another one wrote, “Incredible!”

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