Halloween 2021: Zomato’s “Shortest Horror Stories” Is Winning The Internet


Brands often rely on humour to connect with social media users and what could be a better opportunity than a popular holiday to do so? It’s Halloween and Zomato is celebrating the occasion in its own unique way. The food aggregator app has put a spooky spin on seemingly innocuous statements that have the potential of scaring the living daylights out of anyone. Are you wondering what we are talking about? Zomato has caught the attention of followers with a witty Instagram post titled “The Shortest Horror Stories”. The post — centered around regular food discussions — has six “horror stories” that are quirky, and laced with dark humour

The first story reads, “A loud shriek jolted him awake – Chai is getting cold.” Haven’t we all been there? That shriek is enough to make a chill run down our spine.

The second one is around ketchup. It states, “Alone at home on a full moon night. He added ketchup to the Maggi.”

Often, when you order food that may be a bit expensive, what does your mother say? That’s exactly what the third story is about – “Eyes wide, she stared back at her child. “Yeh toh ghar par ban jaata (This could have been made at home).”

Certain social media users get our goat for expressing their birth date in the most annoying ways. Zomato used that quite well in the fourth story. It shows a man holding a knife resembling a murderer and the text reads, “My crush’s IG Bio says – cake murderer!”

The next one reads, “She leaned in close and whispered – kya khaa rahe ho akele akele (what are you eating alone).”

In the final story, the text states, “With a devilish smile, he uttered the words that scare every soul – I’ll Paytm you later bro!” Well, this is relatable more often than not because, we all know, tomorrow — in this case, later — never comes.

In the end, Zomato attached a funny note from its “illustrator” that read, “6 posts are enough, I cannot do 10 on such short notice, our illustrator replied.”

Here’s the post by Zomato:

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One follower commented, “Petition to title this series ‘Khannabelle’”, in a reference to the 2014 horror movie, Annabelle.

Another user wrote, “Shortest Horror Story: ‘No Promo Code Available’”.

Appreciation the efforts of the illustrator, a third user said, “This illustrator needs recognition.”

A fourth user said, “Someone Paytm the creative and copywriting team.”

What is your most memorable food related horror story?