Halloween Food For 2021: Try These 7 ‘Spooktacular’ Food Ideas For Your Halloween Party This Year


Halloween 2021: So you have already sent out your quirky, spooky Halloween party invites, ready with your haunting costume and decorated your house with carved pumpkins, eerie lights and lanterns, but what about the Halloween food recipes? No festival is complete with delectable food and Halloween is no different! From little mummy rolls and monster eggs to creepy macaroon pops and a spooky ghost pizza, all of these scary Halloween party food ideas will make your Halloween party a complete success. So get ready for some scary Halloween foods that we promise will have you and your guests doing a double-take.

Here Are 7 ‘Spooktacular’ Food Ideas For Your Halloween Party:

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1. Spooky Cookies

Easy, common and perfect to add a hint of eeriness on your snack table! You can simply use some cream over store-bought cookies to make those eerie smileys on top.


Some spooky cookies on the table are sure to get everyone talking.

2. Monster Eggs

Carrot eyes on devilled eggs can be as spooky as you want it to be! Play around with chives and sprinkle paprika for bold colour and you’ll have the easiest Halloween snack on the table!


One can never go wrong with a platter of eggs for the snack table.

3. Mummy Rolls

Breadsticks or sausages, choose your pick and roll half of it with cheese or tortellini sheet! You can bake it after playing with your choice of sauce as well.


Wholesome, yummy and spooky at its best.

4. Beetroot Juice Syringes

Serve your drinks with a touch of blood, we mean beetroot! All you need is to steal those syringes from your kids’ doctor game and fill those with some blood-red beetroot juice! You can play around with some more of red-coloured veggies like carrot too.


These syringes are definitely going to be the talk of the party.

5. Ghost Pizza

Prepare a classic tomato or pepperoni pizza and play around by spreading the cheese in different ghostly shapes!


You can play around with the dressing over your pizza.

6. Eerie Macaroon Pops

Top a few chocolate macaroons with Jack’O’Lantern eyes and devil smile with white chocolate ganache! Serve them over sticks on the table.


These decadent macaroons are perfect for your theme!

7. Spider Web Cake

Nothing without the signature cobweb cake on Halloween! Get you classic vanilla cake and ice it with chocolate cream in circles, yes it is that easy to create a cobweb look! Smear some light cuts over the top and your spooky Halloween cake is ready to devour.


No halloween party can be complete without a spider web cake!

Try these amazing Halloween-special food ideas at your party and share your experience with us in the comments section below!

Halloween is a traditional festival celebrated across Europe and America on October 31 every year and is fast becoming popular amongst modern Indians too, especially the young ones! People plan spooky-themed parties at home with friends and family, decorate the place with all things scary and dress up to their spookiest best! So if you are planning to have a close-knit Halloween party at home, these easy spooky ideas will spruce up your party menu.