Here’s How Gal Gadot Makes The Perfect Bowl Of Mac And Cheese


Are you drowning in a midweek slumber? Well, take our word, only good food can fix that. If you are a macaroni lover, turn your weekdays into a gala time with a delicious bowl of mac and cheese. Showing us the way is Gal Gadot. The actress just showed us how to prepare a delicious bowl of mac and cheese. First, she boiled a pack of macaroni in water. After straining the pasta, she cooked the macaroni with a dollop of butter. She also added a good amount of seasoning spice and some cheese sauce. After cooking it well, she poured it into a bowl and relished a spoonful of the gooey mac and cheese.

Gal captioned the post: “I’m so excited to bring you what we have been working on for so long. Goodles is a gooder Mac & Cheese – one that’s packed with nutrients and super yummy! Honestly, this is the best tasting mac I’ve ever had.”

The Wonder Woman 1984 actress loves to indulge in food. She is a fan of ice creams. Once, she posted a photo where we catch her red-handed with a bowl of ice cream. She wrote, “Happy ice cream day to my favourite dessert, the one who is always there for me, making me smile and showing me sweet love!”

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Gal Gadot can also give us major healthy diet goals. The actress left us amazed when she dropped a photo of her morning bowl. The one who can relish a scrumptious bowl of macaroni can also love to eat a healthy bowl. Gal Gadot proved that this balance was possible. Her breakfast bowl showed slices of avocado, berries, almonds, chia seeds and cream. “Love it when I’m good to myself,” she wrote in the caption.

Of course, we are loving Gal Gadots food adventures.