How To Invest In Government Securities With New Digital Platform ‘Bondskart’


How To Invest In Government Securities With New Digital Platform 'Bondskart'

The online investment platform is equipped with end-to-end security features

JM Financial announced the launch of a new digital investment platform – ‘Bondskart.com’, to increase the participation of retail investors in the corporate securities market. The platform will provide easy access to invest in government securities and is in line with Reserve Bank of India’s retail direct scheme that seeks to strengthen the investor base for g-secs. 

In a statement today, the flagship NBFC arm of JM Financial said that the platform is powered by intensive insights on fixed income investment and aims to educate investors on various aspects of investments. It will provide flexibility to buy and sell debt securities with secure settlements and can be operated by minimal human intervention. 

Bondskart.com is likely to enhance the financial services that JM Financial currently offers, with its 360-degree fixed income investment options, across rating categories, yields and instrument types such as plain vanilla bonds, sub-debt/ tier II and perpetual bonds aided by in-house analytics and data driven technology platform.

The online investment platform is equipped with end-to-end security features and offers a safe, user friendly interface for fixed income investment options. Bondskart.com will be a potent alternative route for investing in bonds and will provide investment options – a move that will help investors to make informed decisions.

“Bondskart.com is in line with our vision to emerge as the most trusted partner in the financial investment eco-system. It complements our investment distribution framework which would serve all categories of investors,” said Mr. Vishal Kampani- Managing Director, JM Financial Products Limited said.

”With a larger focus on adopting the tech-driven solutions, we believe Bondskart.com will offer seamless investment solutions to investors, enabling them to benefit from our fixed income investment expertise,” added Mr Kampani.