How To Make Bajra Dalia: A Nutritious, Fulfilling Meal To Have In Winters


Winters are finally here, and during this season, we always crave something comforting, warm and full of nutrition to keep us healthy. And honestly, what could be a better way than some delicious dalia to indulge in all that goodness?! Now, we know that dalia sounds like a boring dish, but trust us, it is one of the most healthy and delicious meals to indulge in winters. Usually made with veggies and masalas, dalia is a quick and easy dish to have year-round. However, this time, to make it suitable for winters, we bring you a recipe of bajra dalia! With a mix of bajra, we can assure you that this recipe will not only keep you warm from the inside but also soothe your soul. Plus, making a dalia with bajra also has many health benefits!

Health Benefits Of Bajra

1. Aids In Weight Loss

Bajra is a complex carbohydrate that takes a long time to digest, giving in a feeling of fullness and a consistent energy flow. This aids in the reduction of binge eating and overeating in between meals.

2. Aids In Digestion

Bajra is abundant in insoluble fibre, which serves as a prebiotic in our stomach and aids digestion. By bulking up meals and causing early fullness, insoluble fibre also helps to avoid overeating.

3. Rich In Omega-3

Bajra is high in omega-3 fats, which is healthy for your health. Omega-3 oils have been found to lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides, and maintain a regular heartbeat.

4. High In Iron And Phosphorus

Iron and phosphorus are abundant in Bajra. For cognitive function, memory, and energy, iron is a necessary nutrient. Low iron levels can make you feel tired and weak if you have anaemia because tissues aren’t getting enough oxygen, and carbon dioxide builds up.

5. Helps Manage Diabetes

Bajra has a positive effect on diabetes due to its high fibre content and the presence of slow-digesting starch that takes longer to convert to glucose. This aids in the treatment of diabetes and offers a continuous source of energy to diabetics.

So, with these benefits to bajra, let us check out the recipe of bajra dalia!


Here Is The Recipe Of Bajra Dalia | Bajra Dalia Recipe

To make this, first, take fine bajra, moong dal, and rice and pressure cook them with a bit of salt. Then take this out in a kadhai and cook till it starts boiling. Till then, in a separate pan add ghee, jeera and heeng. To this, add chopped onions, carrots, tomatoes and spinach. Next, throw in spices like red chilli powder, pepper, turmeric powder and salt. Once the vegetables are cooked, pour them into the dalia mixture and combine.

Once done, take it out and enjoy!

For the full recipe of bajra dalia, click here.

Make this yummy dish this winter, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!