How To Make Black Mutton Curry – An Exotic Mutton Curry From Jharkhand


If you live under the impression that you can paint the cuisine of the entire country with the same brush, well, you’ve got some rethinking to do! Because, the plethora of regional dishes in the country are divided not just by mere ingredients or flavours, but by many other distinct factors – from the proportion of spices being used to the kind of cooking oil and to even the cookware you prepare the dish in. That being said, there still are ways you can enjoy these regional delicacies from different corners of the country. Most of these dishes use the common Indian spices and can be easily made at home. One such delicious authentic mutton dish that is sure to get you hooked, is the rich black mutton curry from Deogarh, Jharkhand and it is called, Atthe Mutton Curry.


The curry gets its distinct black colour from the iron kadhai it is cooked in

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Mutton is a top tier choice when it comes to non-vegetarian dishes and almost all of us have a favourite mutton dish that we can devour on any given day. From biryani to curries to even pulao, mutton meat is a perfect succulent addition to most of these beloved dishes. Similarly, this mutton dish is here to soothe your cravings and make you fall in love with its rich texture all over again. Made completely in pure desi ghee and an iron pan, the Atthe Mutton Curry has a distinct taste and an enticing colour. The richness of the ghee seeps into the mutton pieces and make them tender and succulent, pair it with a plate of fluffy white rice for your next indulgent spread. Try it out with this recipe here:

How To Make Famous Deogarh Atthe Mutton Curry l Atthe Mutton Curry Recipe:

The authentic recipe for Atthe Mutton calls for an Iron Kadhai to give it that distinct black colour. However, if you don’t have an iron Kadhai, you may continue with a non-stick one as well. The dish is made in pure desi ghee, heat ghee and add hing in it. Add the whole spices and mutton and fry until the mutton pieces have changed coloured and are slightly soft. Add the sliced onions and continue cooking. Add powdered masalas and stir continuously so it doesn’t burn. Cover the lid and continue to stir after every 5 minutes. Keep cooking until the mutton is tender and cooked in its own juices. Serve hot with white fluffy rice.

Click here for the recipe of Atthe Mutton Curry.

Soft and succulent, this mutton curry from Deoghar is a must-have if you are a lover of desi food. Had you heard of this Mutton Curry before? Let us know in the comments below.