How To Turn Leftover Roti To Delicious And Creamy Kheer (Recipe Inside)


Having leftovers after every meal is a common thing in almost all households. But the problem with leftovers is that you don’t have enough takers for it the next day, spoilt by variations, we don’t feel like repeating the same food item and that’s understandable. This often leads to us throwing a good chunk of food after keeping them in the fridge in the hopes of eating them again. We get it; you don’t want to waste food but are left with very less choices when it comes to re-doing leftovers in a fun and interesting way. And that’s why we dug up a simply delicious recipe for all those leftover rotis you have lying around in your house. Roti is one of the staple food items of the country and we usually have a couple of them leftover every other day. The next time this happens, try making this creamy and delicious leftover roti kheer!


Kheer is a loved dessert in India

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We all love the classic Indian kheer don’t we, and what better way to enjoy our favorite if we could also save some leftover rotis with the recipe right? The ingredients for the leftover kheer are minimal, you can customize it to your liking and make it as decadent or simple as you prefer. Chop leftover rotis into thin slices and prepare as you would for a regular kheer. Why throw away these nutritious flatbreads when you can make an easy and sweet recipe that everyone is bound to love, right? Try making it with this recipe here:

How To Make Leftover Roti Kheer l Leftover Roti Kheer Recipe:

Chop leftover roti into thin slices and keep them aside. In a pan heat ghee and slightly roast the roti slices. Add milk, chopped dry fruits and cardamom powder. You may add sugar or a generous amount of jaggery to make it creamy for a distinct colour and taste. Serve once done.

Click here for the detailed recipe of leftover roti kheer.

The next time you have leftover rotis, try making this easy and quick dessert for the next meal. Let us know how it turns out, in the comments below.