Hyderabadi Toast, Sindhi Toast And More: 5 Regional Toast Recipes For Delicious Breakfast


When it comes to breakfast, a humble slice of bread is loved by one and all. Besides, we get such extensive variety of bread recipes that it would be unfair if we settle for a plain toast every single time. While toasted bread may be an easy and quick option when you are pressed on time, there are many ways to spruce up your plain breakfast into a delicious meal. If you explore, you will find a simple toast recipe too have some exceptional regional versions. From cheesy toast to veg toast- there are many regional toast recipes that you can try to instantly enhance your breakfast platter. Here we bring you some of the regional toast recipes that you can prepare for a lip-smacking breakfast.

5 Regional Toast Recipes For Breakfast:

1. Hyderabadi Toast:

This Hyderabadi toast makes for a perfect quick meal. Be it for a heavy breakfast or to pair with your cup of evening tea, this Hyderabadi toast can satiate your hunger any time of the day. The Hyderabadi toast is first fried in a maida slurry and the crunchy bread slices are then used to sandwich a spicy and savoury potato filling. Click here for the recipe.


Hyderabadi toast 

2. Dim Pauruti

Dim Paurauti is a famous Bengali style toast recipe that will leave you wanting for more every single time. It is made by dipping thick slices of fresh bread into a mix of eggs and onions and chillies. The preparation is such that many may even call it a savoury French toast. Here is the recipe for you.

3. Sindhi Dal Toast:

Healthy and wholesome, Sindhi dal toast is made with bread slices stuffed with spicy potatoes, drizzled with moong dal, along with tangy tamarind chutney and mint sauce. This comforting dish is something that you should definitely try if you want to have a delicious breakfast. Interested to try it out? Here is the recipe for you.

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4. Sooji Toast:

Sooji toast is a beloved North Indian breakfast recipe that is quick and easy to make. Bread slices are coated with a sooji batter, which is then fried until crunchy and golden brown in colour. A vegetarian version of the dim pauruti if you may call it, here is how you can make scrumptious breakfast for friends and family. Here is the recipe for you. 

5. Mumbai Toast:

Bombay is famous for its list of unique and delicious street food. From dabeli to Chinese pakoda, there are a variety of easy and quick Mumbai street foods that we love making at home as well. The Mumbai Toast is another Bombay style snack that gets you hooked. All you need is bread slices slathered with butter that will be used to sandwich cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum and some other ingredients. Toast this until crispy and golden and serve with hot chai. Click here for the recipe. 


There you have it! Try these easy and quick regional toast varieties for some delicious breakfast options.