“I’m A Workaholic,” IMF’s Gita Gopinath Tells NDTV: Top Quotes


'I'm A Workaholic,' IMF's Gita Gopinath Tells NDTV: Top Quotes

IMF’s Gita Gopinath spoke to NDTV.

New Delhi:
IMF chief Gita Gopinath spoke to NDTV on the pandemic, vaccine inequity amid Omicron threat, and economic challenges and opportunities in India. She also gave a message to the government.

Here are the top quotes from IMF chief Gita Gopinath’s interview to NDTV:

  1. In a message to the government of India, the IMF chief said, “Vaccination needs to happen on a war footing… Even with Omicron, you get some protection with vaccines.”

  2. “There’s a big gap on where India would have been in the absence of the pandemic and where it is now…need to clearly communicate how will the fiscal and monetary framework be dealt with,” she said in another message to the government.

  3. “India needs to make sure there is enough spending on health, education, infrastructure, and on climate change,” Ms Gopinath said, adding, “It is worrying that there was no school for children for two years.”

  4. “I had an excellent meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We touched on different aspects like climate change among others.”- Ms Gopinath on meeting the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

  5. “It’s been a challenging, exhilarating journey. I’m a workaholic… I don’t complain about being awake at odd hours…” – the IMF chief on being a role model for youth, especially women.

  6. “India’s economic recovery is not yet complete. These are challenging times, as for many emerging developing countries like India. There is a need to be vigilant on inflation.”

  7. “It’s important not to put restrictions on vaccines. There’s a need to prioritize vaccine deliveries.”

  8. “There is a big demand for booster doses… worried may have lower supplies to low-income countries.”

  9. “We are closely following the developments on the Omicron front. We are still making a determination of how severe the variant is going to be.”

  10. “There is a lot of talent in India. I am thankful for the education I got in India.”