Inside Malaika Arora’s Midweek Feast; Here’s What Her “Fishy Fare” Included


Malaika Arora’s foodie side is back on Instagram. The actress and model has once again made heads turn by sharing photos of delectable dishes on the social media platform. What we see is a table spread just before a feast. Malaika never shies away from telling her friends or followers about her love for food. It shows in this photo. On the table, we see a plate of crispy fried fish garnished with chillies, some bowls of delicious curry and a plate of papad. The spread also includes a plate of onion rings with lemon slices and a bowl of green chillies.

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The inclusion of plantain leaves in the cutlery suggests a South Indian style meal for the get-together.

Malaika Arora thanked her friend Prasanna Pandarinathan, who is also the author of a cookery book, for the feast. The actress wrote, “When the chef, author, friend decided to show us her incredible culinary skills and spoil us. Love you and thank you Prasanna Pandarinathan. (Please feel free to use my kitchen anytime).” She also used the hashtag “fishy fare”.


Malaika Arora’s gastronomic adventures are known to one and all. She roots for Indian cuisine many times. Recently, she was had some delicious Gujarati thepla. She shared the image of the flatbreads and sent us drooling. Her plate also included fried green chillies. Malaika wrote, “Just hits the spot”. Read about it here.

When craving something sweet, Malaika Arora chooses a desi sweet to satiate herself. Of course, the fitness enthusiast keeps her healthy eating habits in mind. But a little sweet indulgence can do no harm. Malaika’s go-to comfort sweet is besan laddoo. And, she has confessed that she can’t say no to this Indian sweet. Once she posted a photo of a plate of besan laddoos and wrote, “My biggest weakness… besan laddoos.” Click here to know more about it.

Malaika Arora loves to go big on food. The parties she attends often feature drool-worthy food. During her sister Amrita Arora’s birthday party, Malaika indulged in a white cream cake, a chocolate cake and a classic birthday cake coated with chocolate ganache. The sinfully delicious cakes left us craving some desserts. Take a look at the celebrations here.

Malaika Arora is a true foodie. Tell us in the comments below what you think of her yummy food posts.