Jeera Rice And Tadka Dal: An Easy And Comforting Combo For Lazy Weekends


Let’s admit it, no matter how many burgers or plates of pasta we devour in the week, there is nothing that can perfectly match the lazy weekend mood as a simple dal-chawal combo. A mouth-watering dal tadka generously spread on a plate of piping hot and fluffy rice along with a piece of our favorite achaar is soul comforting food at its best! A staple vegetarian dish in every Indian household, the dal and rice combo feel even more tempting on those cozy winter afternoons when all you want to do is stuff yourself and laze around. And with the right recipe at your disposal, you can easily create this iconic combo for your next meal, you don’t even have to wait to visit a restaurant or order it. Pair this delicious dal tadka with simple and aromatic jeera rice and enjoy your lazy weekend to the fullest!


Easy Dal tadka recipe

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How To Make Dal Tadka l Dal Tadka Recipe:

Made with various types of lentils and different preparations, the country is brimming with a dal tadka recipe from each corner. However, the one that entices us the most has to be the iconic Punjabi dal tadka. A regular feature in almost all of our favorite restaurants, the Punjabi dal tadka is made with dollops of ghee. What makes a tadak dal different is the way it is prepared; the sizzling hot tempering is added right before serving which makes the infusion of flavors and aromas much stronger and fresher on our palate. To create magic on your weekend platter, here is the recipe for dal tadka.

Click here for the recipe of Dal Tadka.


Make delicious jeera rice at home

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How To Make Jeera Rice l Jeera Rice Recipe:

To pair with this delicious dal tadka, make a plate of flavorful and aromatic jeera rice. Long grain basmati rice, infused with the heady flavors of cumin, makes for the best tasting rice dish. If you’ve always wondered how the restaurant-style jeera rice tastes so different, here is a recipe that will deliver the best-tasting jeera rice that there is.

Click here for the recipe of Jeera rice.

The best part about this iconic combo is that you can enjoy it any time of the day, make it for lunch or dinner, a fulfilling treat is guaranteed always! Try your hands on these recipes; let us know how they turn out in the comments below.