“Joined BJP, Not Amarinder Singh’s Party”: Punjabi Singer Buta Mohammad


'Joined BJP, Not Amarinder Singh's Party': Punjabi Singer Buta Mohammad

Buta Mohammad was seen at Captain Amarinder Singh’s residence in the evening


Dismissing rumours of joining former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s party, Punjabi singer Buta Mohammad on Tuesday clarified that he has joined the BJP and is very much a part of it. 

Buta Mohammad, who joined BJP in the morning, was seen at Captain Amarinder Singh’s residence in the evening, leading to rumours that he had joined Captain’s Punjab Lok Congress Party.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, Buta Mohammad said, “Today I went to Captain Amarinder Singh’s place with my singer friend Sardar Ali Khan, where he joined Captain’s party, Punjab Lok Congress. There, Captain put Siropa on my head also leading to controversy.”

“We are all singers and we have absolutely no idea about politics. I had no idea that if our friend is joining any other party, then we should not accompany him. However, I told Captain Amarinder Singh that I had joined BJP. Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has given me the BJP membership today and I am very happy. Inadvertently, I went with my friend to Captain Amarinder Ji’s place,” added the singer. 

Punjab BJP President Ashwini Sharma and party state general secretary Rajesh Bagga also reiterated that singer Buta Mohammad has joined BJP on Tuesday. They also clarified that he went to Captain Amarinder Singh’s residence only to give company to his friend. The BJP leaders also informed that during Buta Mohammad’s induction to BJP, his friend Sardar Ali Khan was also present.