Kanpur Commissioner Tried Cooking Poha But Twitter Is Not Convinced 


Cooking means different things to different people. While to many it is simply a daily activity, for others it is a form of therapy. For some, who have stayed away from the kitchen for a large part of their lives, cooking that first dish can seem like a major accomplishment – one that is even worth sharing with the whole world. Recently, Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer Raj Shekhar tried his hand at cooking and shared a picture from his kitchen on social media. In a tweet, the officer asked the Internet to wish him the best as he was trying his luck at cooking.

In a tweet, Raj Shekhar said, “Please wish me good luck. Trying my luck in cooking. Preparing the poha for breakfast under the guidance of the Home Minister.” In the image, the Commissioner of Kanpur is wearing earphones and smiling for the camera with a spatula in hand. 

See the tweet here:

Social media users were, however, not exactly convinced with the IAS officer’s post. For starters, many pointed out that one could not make poha without lighting the stove. The users were referring to the fact the stove was not lit in the officer’s image. 

Another joked that the officer was trying to probably reduce global warming.

However, some users argued on behalf of the IAS officer and said that the stove could have been turned off after he finished cooking the poha.  

If all the chatter about poha has you craving some, here’s a recipe to quickly whip up a plate of poha.  Additionally, you can also try a healthier version of poha made with red rice.  Or you can get creative and try your hands at almond and cranberry poha or soya poha.

The Maharashtrian dish is perfect as an evening snack or as a healthy yet filling breakfast.