Lahori Mutton Karahi: A Rich And Luscious Mutton Curry From The Streets Of Lahore; Recipe Inside


When it comes to food, both Indian and Pakistani cuisines have many similarities. We like our food as rich and robust as they do and have an uncanny similar preference when it comes to snacks and curries too. Turns out that samosas, golgappe, tikkas and thick mutton curries are a regular fare on the other side of the border as well. Known for its rich food culture, Lahore is a city in Pakistan which has been deemed a must-try by foodies all over. However, if you would like to taste the magic of the Lahori cuisine, you can do so right from the comfort of your own kitchen! Because we bring to you a famous Lahori mutton curry recipe that will instantly transport you to the world of classic eateries from the streets of Lahore, and it’s called – Lahori Mutton Karahi.


Lahori Mutton Karahi can be enjoyed with roti or paratha

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Mutton is a regular feature in the Lahori cuisine and has a number of ways to be enjoyed, from chunky and thick curries to being used as a filling for keema naan, the meat is devoured in all of its possible forms and how! Lahori cuisine can be described as spicy, delectable, and rich and every single one of their recipes stands testament to that. The Lahori Mutton Karahi too is one such delicious curry that you should definitely try. Made in a thick gravy of tomato and onions, the dish is perfect to pair with some rich buttery naan or parathas. Similar to other Kadhai recipes, Lahori Mutton Karahi too uses a tad bit extra oil but that just adds to the flavor quotient of the recipe. Made with basic desi ingredients and spices, this dish is all you need to put a scrumptious feast together. Interested to try it out? Here is the recipe for you.

How To Make Lahori Mutton Karahi l Lahori Mutton Karahi Recipe:

Wash and pat dry mutton chunks. It is advised to use smaller boneless chunks for faster cooking. Heat almost half cup of oil in a karahi and fry the mutton pieces until they sear golden brown. Add the crushed and powdered ingredients one after the other. Finally add tomato puree, some water and let it simmer until the meat is tender and soft. Garnish with ginger juliennes, and serve hot.

Click here for the detailed recipe of Lahori Mutton Karahi.

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