Lauki Dosa, Sprouts Dosa And More: 5 Instant Dosa Recipes For A Delicious South Indian Spread


There’s something comforting about a dosa that it always manages to soothe our soul. This desi-crepe is a classic south Indian dish that can be enjoyed at any time of a day. Despite its origin in South Indian cuisine, the popularity of dosa has spread far beyond the state. That’s also a reason why we find many dosa joints in unexpected places across the country. But when it comes to making the same at home, that’s where the real challenge starts. Since dosa batter requires a lot of preparation and a whole day (or night) to ferment, most of us want to buy the ready-to-make batters from the market. But those batters might lack the authentic taste and experience of a dosa. So, if you want to skip the process of making the batter but still want to enjoy a homemade taste, here we bring you some instant dosa recipes that you must try!

Here Are 5 Instant Dosa Recipes To Try

1. Sprouts Dosa

Sprouts dosa is made with a mixed sprouts batter and is packed with nutrients. To make this, first grind the sprouts and combine them with a dosa batter. Then simply spread a ladle of the mixture on a pan and cook until crisp.

2. Besan Dosa

This besan dosa is high in fibre and other nutrients, can be a quick fix for a nutritious breakfast. All you have to do is make a gram flour batter, add some spices and fillings, spread it on a tawa, cook, and eat it!

3. Atta Dosa

The batter for this dosa is made of wheat. This recipe is so simple to prepare that it can be completed in under 20 minutes. If you want to go all out, serve it with a steaming bowl of sambhar and chutneys. This recipe can be used for any meal and enjoyed with your family.

4. Lauki Dosa

Looking for a weight loss recipe? This one is perfect for you! It is filled with health benefits that will leave you packed with nutrition. This easy recipe is a must-try.

5. Poha Dosa

The poha and sooji are soaked first in this recipe. Then, using curd, make a fine paste. All you have to do now is cook it in a pan! Isn’t it simple and quick to make? Pair this poha dosa with some delicious chutneys, and you’ve got yourself a complete meal!

So, try out these delicious instant dosa recipes and let us know which one you liked the best!