Making Mirchi Ka Aachar? Here Are Some Chef Approved Tips And Tricks


Who doesn’t like to indulge in some relishes during winters? The cold temperatures make it the perfect time for some spicy treats. For an Indian, a pickle or achar can easily fulfil that need. Pickles in India hold an important place and refer to a variety of recipes that can be enjoyed with bread and rice or simply as a snack dip. Are you also craving some achar this season? Try whipping up mirchi ka achar to spice up your winter meals and snacks. But wait? Do you know there are some mistakes you should avoid while making this spicy chilli pickle? Chef Kunal Kapoor has brought to us a range of tips to help us make the perfect mirchi ka achar.


Mirchi ka achar taste delicious in winters

Chef Kunal Kapur shared the following tips if you are making Mirchi ka achar:

1) While you prepare any pickle, this is the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind. The main ingredient of the pickle has to be extremely dry when you use it. Remove the water nicely before you use it. Water plays the role of an enemy for pickles, Kunal added.

2) Always remember that the flavours inside a pickle take time to blend in. It’s a combination of various ingredients that take time to mix properly. So, if you make a pickle now, you can consume it 6-7 hours later.

3) For Mirchi ka achar, remember that it’s a pickle, not a chilli curry. That’s why I turn off the stove before adding chillies into the preparation. This is to ensure that the chillies get tender in the remaining heat and release their flavour.

4) After some days, you’ll notice that the level of the pickle (if you’ve stored it in a jar or a container) is coming down. Well, that’s because the chillies are getting tender and releasing the flavours (water) slowly.

Take a look:

Before this, Kunal Kapur had shared a video where he spoke about winter favourite “Gur ke chawal.” While preparing this, you may find rice has used up all the water or it has become sticky. Well, one way to fix this is by adding lukewarm water to the rice and cooking for 5-7 minutes. He further mentioned that once you add rice to the dish, do not use a spoon to stir it. 

Let us know if these tips have worked for you.