Malaika Arora Gave A Glimpse Of A Yummy Raw Mango Pickle Jar Which Left Us Craving


We cannot imagine a proper Indian meal without a spoonful of achar. Many of us remember how our grandmothers would prepare this heavenly delight and store it in jars on the open terrace to ensure the further process of fermentation. This traditional way of preparing pickles has been going on for generations now. And guess what? Malaika Arora also likes to follow the same in order to reap the best taste of this flavourful delicacy. She just shared a picture of a jar of raw mango pickles. The air-tight container, filled with chopped raw mangoes smeared in a bunch of quintessential spices, is covered with what appears to be parchment paper alongside the lid.      

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Malaika captioned the image as, “Pickling, fresh turmeric, mango ginger and raw mango. All the goodness.” After looking at the pickle, now all we want to do is taste some from the kitchen as soon as possible. 

Take a look:


Malaika Arora often likes to add a good amount of pickle to her platter. For her, nothing comes close to the joy of chomping on delicious home-cooked food. Once, she enjoyed a wholesome Maharashtrian dish and we could relate to her desi indulgence. She shared a picture of varan bhaatloaded with some ghee and lemon pickles. Malaika’s plate looked bright and colourful as we could see the white steamed rice with some yellow dal poured onto it. There is a heavenly pickle too on the side which must have added the much-needed zest to the meal.     

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We wouldn’t ever deny a plateful of sumptuous parathas but seems like Malaika Arora shares the same sentiment. But how can parathas not be paired with pickles? One day, we saw her savouring appetising aloo parathas. Malaika shared a picture of her simple and delectable lunch which she enjoyed with dollops of mango pickle. She made us slurp and left us craving. The caption read, “Happiness on my plate.” She also added the hashtags ‘Aloo parantha‘ and ‘Aam ka achaar‘.”  

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Malaika Arora’s love for all things desi and pickles are relatable, isn’t it?