Masala Cheese Toast: Drive Away Your Monday Blues With This Quick And Indulgent Toast Recipe


Think of a comforting breakfast, and there are probably many recipes that will come to your mind. Everyone has a different definition of comfort food, whether you are making something simple and quick or something with elaborate ingredients. But the one thing we all can agree on is that no matter what elaborate breakfasts we make, sometimes the ultimate comfort comes in just a simple toast! A toast with butter or any other toppings, paired with tea or coffee, is something we all love to have. It’s easy to make, and we don’t need any extra fancy ingredients to cook it with. Just two pieces of bread with the right amount of crispness spells indulgence every time! If just reading this has made you crave for a toast recipe right now, then here we bring you a yummy recipe of masala cheese toast that is a must-try.

As you can tell by the name, this toast recipe is filled with masala and cheese that gives a burst of flavour in every bite. To make this toast, all you need is some leftover veggies, butter, masala and of course, cheese. The process of making this is very simple and quick. In just 20 minutes, your masala cheese toast will be ready! Pair this dish with a yoghurt dip so that you can balance the taste of masalas with it. Read the recipe below.


Here Is The Recipe Of Masala Cheese Toast | Masala Cheese Toast Recipe

To make this dish, first take chopped onions, capsicum and carrot. Next, throw in masalas like red chilli, pepper, coriander powder and salt to taste. Cook till the veggies turn soft. Once done, take a piece of bread and lightly toast it from one side. Now add the prepared masala on the toasted side (allowing the other side also to cook.) Then add cheese from the top and let it melt. Once it looks well toasted and the cheese softened. Take it out on a plate and enjoy!

For the full recipe of masala cheese toast, click here.

Make this yummy recipe, and let us know how you liked its taste!