McDonald’s Launches NFT For The First Time Ever; Twitter Is Excited


Remember that item on McDonald’s India menu that you used to adore? Whether it was the McAloo Wrap or the Chicken McGrill, there are many lip-smacking burgers that have been removed from the menu over the years due to multiple reasons. While we definitely miss eating our favourite burgers, McDonald’s has made it possible to own them in the digital format. Fast-food giant McDonald’s is the latest company to foray into the digital currency market. They have launched a non-fungible token (NFT) for their iconic McRib sandwich. Believe it or not, owning the digital currency of your favourite collectibles is the next big thing and McDonald’s latest announcement is testimony to this. Take a look at their video post on Twitter which has been viewed over one million times:

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The McRib is one of the classic sandwiches on the McDonald’s USA menu. A homestyle bun encloses a pork-based patty which is slathered in BBQ sauce and paired with onions and pickles. Every year, the burger chain gets thousands of emails and messages from fans for the delicious creation. It is also the 40th anniversary of this yummy sandwich, which is why McDonald’s has decided to renew it for a limited period in restaurants from 1st November 2021. Even if you can’t get your hands on its tangy goodness, you can enjoy it in digital form with McDonald’s latest announcement.

“They [fans] have proven their love for this delicious, yet elusive sandwich. And now, we’re giving them the chance to enjoy it year-round … digitally,” read the official press release by McDonald’s. Ten lucky fans on Twitter will get the chance to win McRib NFT’s and add it to their personal collection of digital currency. They have to meet certain rules and preconditions for the contest. For the unversed, an NFT is a digital asset of virtual art that cannot be duplicated. Unlike cryptocurrency, they cannot exist in multiple versions and are completely unique and non-fungible. However, they are backed by the same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrency.

Twitter users were elated to hear about McDonald’s revealing the McRib NFT. Several shared their excitement about participating in the contest. McDonald’s Twitter post received over 60k retweets and 39k likes. Take a look at some of the comments:

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We wonder if McDonald’s India will also follow suit and create a digital currency of their old and fan-favorite burgers! What did you think of the fast-food giant’s announcement? Tell us in the comments below.