Mira Kapoor Relishes This “Legendary” Dish By Her Mother – See Pic


No matter how old we grow, the food made by our mothers will always remain close to our hearts. Actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife and a mother of two, Mira Kapoor, too, endorses this fact — that when it comes to food, nothing can beat our mothers. Mira shares a great rapport with her mother, Bela Rajput, and shared a photo of her mother’s signature dish on Instagram Stories that left us drooling. In the photo, we can see Mira holding up a plate full of masala bread, a signature recipe by her mother. The dish, garnished with coriander leaves and cooked with a host of spices, looks heavenly.

Mira captioned the post, “Mom’s legendary masala bread”, and tagged her mother.

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It looks like, food has always played a special part in Mira Kapoor’s and her mother’s scheme of things. Mira often correlates her food posts to her mother. Some time ago, Mira revealed that her favourite cuisine was Thai and that she was truly thrilled when her mother cooked the same for her. She shared images of different drool-worthy dishes on Instagram Stories, which included crispy and crunchy Thai fritters. Mira wrote, “Mom’s Thai Fritters Are The Best.” There was a plate of Pad Thai paired with Thai Curry, with a generous topping of spring onion greens. We could also spot a bowl of warm soupy noodles loaded with greens and veggies. Find out more about it here.

In another instance, Mira Kapoor had posted a picture of Sindhi Sel Bhel, stating that it was her mother’s favourite childhood breakfast to which she also gave a Punjabi twist by using tomatoes and onions. Mira also mentioned that in her maternal home, nothing is without some tomatoes She wrote, “I’m as Sindhi as my Sel Bread! This is my mother’s version of her favourite childhood Sindhi breakfast. It’s taken a far more Punjabi twist over the years, with lots of tomatoes and onions. My home food is nothing without tomatoes; my maternal home that is. We can have it with just about anything.” Click here to read more about Mira Kapoor maternal home’s recipes.

Earlier this year, we saw Mira enjoying yet another Thai meal cooked by her mother. She had posted a picture of half-eaten cannelloni, and captioned the post, “My mom makes the best eggless cannelloni, from scratch. And she’s been doing it for years before MasterChef the internet had recipes.” To know about cannelloni and a recipe that you can try at home, click here.

Mira Kapoor is a self-confessed foodie and we are looking forward to more of her food adventures and family recipes.