Mutton 65, Keema Samosa And More: 5 Delicious Mutton Snacks You Can Make For Diwali


The festive week feels more exciting than any other week, doesn’t it? People all around the country are celebrating festivals, and the weekend calls for extra celebration! We finally get to take a step back and enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones. And we all know any celebration is incomplete without good food, especially snacks! Festive occasions are incomplete without a wide variety of snacks. That is why we can never have enough snack recipes! If you are looking to try out new mutton snacks, then we have got you covered! Here is a list of some of the juiciest mutton snack recipes. Serve these snacks to your friend and family and win their foodie’s hearts.

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Diwali 2021: Here Are 5 Mouth-Watering Snack Recipes:

1.Mutton 65

Variations of this classic South Indian snack are so popular all around the country that they have become an important part of the our menu. Mutton 65 offers spicy and tantalizing flavours that excite our tastebuds! All you need to do is marinate the mutton and fry it.

Click here for the full recipe of Mutton 65.

2.Parsi Mutton Cutlet

The Parsi culture is rich with delicate and aromatic flavours that make our mouths salivate. From this cuisine, we have brought you the recipe of a Parsi mutton cutlet snack that is absolutely delicious. This cutlet would make a great festive snack.

Click here for the full recipe of Parsi Mutton Cutlet.

3.Garlic Lamb Chops

These lamb chops are mixed in a wide range of flavours, making them taste delicious. The garlicky undertones blend with chillies to give a yummy treat. Next time you have people over; serve these lamb chops as appetizers!

Click here for the full recipe of Garlic Lamb Chops.

4.Keema Samosa

If you are a fan of chai-samosa then this keema samosa recipe is for you. Stop stuffing aloo in the samosa and stuff juicy and masaledaar keema to get a meaty and crispy snack. You can pair it with chai or eat it as a snack.

Click here for the full recipe of Keema Samosa.

5.Shami Kebab

Kebabs are the most popular mutton dish that we Indians love and enjoy and shami kebab is a classic choice! The minced meat is marinated and massaged in hot and aromatic spices to make a mouth-melting snack.

Click here for the full recipe of Shami Kebab.

Try out these delicious mutton snacks this weekend and let us know which one you like in the comments section.